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Restaurant India Corner

For 25 years Restaurant India Corner, has serving the most famous Kata Massala and Hara Kabab, created by one of the best Chefs, Mr. Asif Ikbal. By invitation Chef Asif Ikbal, worked in one of the first Indian Michelin star restaurants in the UK. He took with him back to the Netherlands a wide knowledge, his passion for food creation is to another level. The many years of friendship and team work with the owner Mr. Rocky Kumar, is always nice to look at it. Mr. Rocky Kumar with 40 years’ experience in Restaurant business allows him today work with passion and easy manner. India Corner is well recognized on the Expats world. Myself Carla Horta, I recommend India Corner for the fact that: I am a client for 15 years, I use the restaurant for groups, celebrations and other events. Enjoy your meal, and Rocky always is ready to welcome you.


Starting new? Mr.Egor Chirikin, is the answer to it.

AB Windows

Do you need new windows and other type of house renovations, by professional with Passion, Honesty and great Knowledge ?

AB Windows, is the answer, contact Bartosz.

Miracle food SPIRULINA

Our earth is almost 3.5 billions years old. The first green life form is also 3.5 billions years old. The blue green algae-a half bacteria and a half plant which created the oxygen in earth atmosphere for other species to evolve. Blue green algae comprises over 2000 species and one group of species called SPIRULINA, commonly known as super food or miracle food. I am involved in blue green algae research for the past 27 years. Since 2000, my main focus is on SPIRULINA to combat malnutrition but at the same time provide best health food supplement choice for the mankind. The nutritional profile of Spirulina is amazing having more than 100 nutrients and very condense form.

This is my first post and I have decided to keep posting more on spirulina so people can get aware of healt benefit of spirulina, a science behind it and a prospective future health solution for our mankind.

Dr Sanjay Nagarkar PhD, Marine Microbial Ecology, The University of Hong Kong

CEO globex Biotech Limited, Hong Kong

Welcome to WonderparkCafe indoor playground for the little ones.

The perfect Paradise for children and parents. Step into the magical world of “Wonderparkcafe”, where laughter echoes in every corner, creativity knows no bounds, and every day is an adventure waiting to unfold. Join our diverse community of learners as we embark on a journey of growth, exploration, and endless possibilities!