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Hello! My name is
Carla Horta

I’m a Founder and Owner of CarlaH Hairstudio and Master Colorist and Speaker

Carla Horta, 
The refugee child who left the refugee camps, who started work from the age of 8 until today, never stopped working. Carla says: It is not what others can do for you, but what you can do for yourself. Settling in The Netherlands by invitation.
A gifted, passionate perfectionist.  Carla Horta graduated  as Hairstylist  in Portugal, not happy with only 5 years  Hairdresser school, she made a plan: She always attended international workshops, Canada, USA, UK, Portugal, never stopped and still does for years to come in  attending Hair and Beauty Conferences, Events , workshops, etc.. 

Her dream, a strong determined professional, lead Carla Horta to   Work, learning and teaching in 15 countries.  Offering her unstoppable wide knowledge and techniques, allows her to work with all types of Hair with passion and precision. Carla is very critical of her own work, she is a Solo business professional.  Carla has many self-created techniques and masters many other techniques.

She always says: No client is a number to me but a piece in the puzzle of my life path.

Today Carla Horta is a proud Master Colorist, with a platform of happy clients official from 137 countries and counting.  Therefore Carla never stopped attending national and international Hair and Beauty workshops, Conferences and Events, to learn as much as possible. The constant demand for new creations, techniques and designs, requires an amazing amount of investments, just to make her clients happy, workshops, etc.

Her love and care for Cultures is great to experience.  Carla always shows her best to make you feel at home.  She is always busy creating small events for the Expats community.

I asked Carla, why she doesn’t make a record / profile of her clients color

She replied the following: My Salon is open from 2009, from that date I have all my clients combinations registered in my mind, I remember what I did, I can also see when a client goes to another Salon and doesn’t tell the truth about that. But just to make client feel great, I don`t mention it. I have over half million combinations recorded in my mind from my clients.


Carla, describe your best client.

My dream client is the one who says the magic words: Carla do what you think is best for my visual and personality, with that, I put my inner passion and my best, to deliver the results that: Makes my client smile with her eyes and heart, and that is priceless.  A gifted, passionate perfectionist.
Carla, how do you take a critic from a client or anyone? Carla replied: It is from negative critic that ‘A master becomes a genius`

Carla Horta proudly represents The Netherlands, in many countries as a speaker for sustainability and Self Confidence Strategy.  A humanitarian leader, she is equally passionate about volunteering. She has spent caring hours with the elderly having Alzheimer’s, raised money for children with cancer, and travels to India  and other countries often to teach hair and grooming skills to underprivileged boys and girls and provide them with a start-up toolkit to commence their own businesses.

Carla’s most inspirational journey to self-mastery and entrepreneurship despite the odds and despite constant movement and migration is a story of courage and inspiration to many. She is also the CEO and founder of CHAIN NGO.

Enjoy your visit with Master Colorist Carla Horta.

Carla’s ambitions

CARLA`S CARLA`S SPECIALITIES: Carla Horta she has a Passion for Colors, with many years of experience and studies, today she is a Colorist with following Specialties: Color corrector specialist, Makeover Colorist, Artistic Colorist.


Carla`s Ambition

Welcome clients from all over the world.


Carla`s Dream

Open a Hairdresser school for underprivileged students.



In London, I have successfully completed specialized training in colouring techniques and I became an expert (and trainer) in this field.



My specialty and passion are Hair Coloring and Makeovers. I listen to your wishes, plans and ideas. After coming to a final agreement, I will start to design a unique Taylor made hair style for the NEW YOU.



I dedicate every award and achievement to you my dear client. I couldn’t be prouder of each one of you. You are what any professional wishes for. Thank you for your support. Stay safe and hugs.

Because you are not a number for Carla, but YES a piece of puzzle for her life path that is the REASON Carla welcomes you to experience the difference, of working with Passion, Precision and Perfectionism.

Carla’s experience

For years I had my own salon in Portugal, and since then I have made a long trip around the world, working over 13 countries, working with different cultures, customs, beliefs and habits, but also with all imaginable hair types.

Regularly I am investing and updating my knowledge, visiting international hairdressing shows, conferences and I follow workshops on the latest technologies and developments in the hairdressing industry.

I was living in London and received an invitation to work in the Netherlands.
For the first few years I worked in various salons, including Rob Peetoom. I have worked in several salons with great pleasure. But I decided in 2009 to take the plunge and make my big dream come to reality: Open my own salon CarlaH Hairstudio.