CarlaH Hairstudio has changed the regulations, be sure to read before booking   Terms, Conditions and House rules

CarlaH Hairstudio heeft het reglement gewijzigd, lees dit zeker voor je boekt   Rules and regulations

The Garden

CarlaH allows you to have a wonderful

day together


Use of the tea house on donation basis.

Get together with your


Clients or visitors are welcome to visit the Garden for photoshoot, Yoga, be inspired on your paintings with sound of Birds and natural healthy smell of trees or to Hug the oldest Pine tree in Haarlem.

For example, as part of a zen day or a corporate event, you can celebrate your birthday or do a workshop. Expats just know where to find me. I get phone calls from all over the world and they always say: I got you contact through my colleague or friend or family member. In many cases the actually come in straight from the airport!

In our backyard there is a lovely garden house

To chat with each other, have a drink, enjoy a lunch and relax. The garden house is appropriate for the occasion, nicely decorated.



Tea House / Garden welcome to use it for small workshops , demos, studies, meditation.

By using the garden of Carla you support the Chain Project. Read more at