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Experience the difference

CarlaH allows you to have a wonderful day together

And besides all together radiant go out the door!
A Tea House Package (minimum 4 people) offers a complete hair treatment for all participants, including lunch and drinks.

Get together with your friends

For example, as part of a zen day or a corporate event, you can celebrate your birthday or do a workshop.

In our backyard there is a lovely garden house

To chat with each other, have a drink, enjoy a lunch and relax. The garden house is appropriate for the occasion, nicely decorated.

Tea House

What is nicer than to get pretty with your best girlfriends and friends?


  • People

    Minimum 4 people, maximum 5

  • It includes

    Color Treatment/ paints, hair mask/ food ampoule with warm cloths, cut and blow dry

  • Eat & drinks

    Lunch and snacks if desired

  • Extra

    Delicious chair-massage


  • Ladies
    € 175.00 p.p.
    From 4 people
  • Prices subject to change
  • Men
    € 85.00 p.p.
    From 4 people