CarlaH Hairstudio is one of the best kept secrets in Haarlem

When you visit the salon you will understand why.

Carla Horta has experience like no other professional. Starting with her working experience in more than 13 countries, with knowledge of all hair types, from Asian, European, Scandinavian, Afro to Indian and go on.
Carla Horta is a Perfectionist with great Passion and Precision in her work.

She smiles and answers: I don`t know, but Expats just know where to find me. I get phone calls from all over the world and they always say: I got you contact through my colleague or friend or family member. In many cases the actually come in straight from the airport!

Not being Dutch and having worked with all kinds of cultures and nationalities, I value the presence of Expats so much and I love the way they give my salon an international ambiance. I’m very flexible towards them. At one point I even had a client as early as 06.00 o’clock in the morning, since she had a flight to catch. And of course, typical to Carla’s Hairstudio, I welcomed her with a nice cappuccino!

Dear Expats, you’re free to contact Carla at any time!


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